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"WOW! What a find. One of the best curries we've ever had! Seriously..."
We came across this place totally by chance. While we were in Bunker Bay we decided to drop by into Dunsborough for some dinner (he's not just in Busselton), maybe thai or some other cheap takeaway for a change. While we were looking for one particular place, several random people recommended us to try the "indian guy in the van down on the beach" instead. At first we thought people were joking, but after fourth random person's recommendation we had to give it a go and find this guy!

We found his number and called him up to see where he is (not knowing Dunsborough much at all), we were told that he was just about to close up and drive home but he will wait for us. He's given us directions but we got lost on the way, so we asked another random person walking on the street where we can find the "Indian guy in the van", no problems at all, everyone seems to know him here. We finally made it, about 15 late, he was happy to wait for us though which was awesome.

Anyway, long story short, it was really good! We ordered butter chicken and this beef coconut curry dish, which happened to be the special of the day. Proper home made stuff from scratch, authentic Indian, with proper star anise pieces in it too. Very fragrant. Portions were generous. Decent chunks of meat, nice and tender. And the sauce, wow, the flavour and consistency of the sauce was just perfect. I love Indian food and eat it often, and this was by far one of the best ones we have every had! My wife and I were raving about it for the rest of the weekend. Wish he was in Perth too, I'm thinking of going down south again soon just for the curry. Keep up the good work mate, we will be back!

"Top 10 Yum"
This has been the most consistent Indian in Busselton. Most Indian restaurants start of good in Busselton but they eventually start making more westernized Indian letting go of the true flavors we want and not making available the foods they advertised on the menu. But this Indian has past the test and continued to be authentic breakfast lunch and dinner. Where is it you may ask ... Well it's a van on the way into the town opposite the shire offices in Busselton. Also at the weekend markets. So when you see the van grab a menu and location time. Best Indian in town to many places change over time. One word YUM

"Sensational Curry On The Beach"
A summer Saturday night in Dunsborough, sitting at Old Dunsborough Beach eating curry from the Spice Odysee van is a must do. Spend the afternoon swimming and relaxing and await the arrival of the curry van at 5:30. Bring your own esky and picnic gear. The curry is always excellent, the servings generous and the prices very low for curry of this authentic quality. Our favorite family Saturday night activity.

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Tuck trucks deliver taste
Eating out has never been easier as food vans deliver exotic meals on the go. Busselton-based Sathish Kumar's Spice Odysee is on the road five days a week with everybody's Indian favourites, such as beef vindaloo, lamb korma and pumpkin and spinach dhal with rice and pappadums at Busselton Rotary Park, Margaret River Rotary Park and the old Dunsborough boat ramp.

"The butter chicken would have to be the most popular," he said. "Kids love it, adults love it and the chilli can be adjusted to suit any taste. Nothing comes out of a jar and everything is made from scratch using local ingredients."

Mr Kumar worked as a chef down south before going out on his own four years ago.

Acclaim for Busselton curry van
TO be featured in the iconic Gourmet Traveller Magazine would be a huge accomplishment deserving to be shared with all.

But for Spice Odysee chef and owner Sathish Kumar it was an achievement he did not even know about until his customers told him.

Mr Kumar said he was very surprised when customers began to inform him they saw his Indian Food Truck featured in the magazine.

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